Cohousing in Kansas: Digg this "Garage Gods" article to help it get attention
From: Raines Cohen (
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2009 13:04:26 -0800 (PST)
Greetings and Happy New Year, cohousers everywhere.
I just spotted a lovely article out today, "The Garage
in "The Way We Are" feature/column on "The Cutting Edge" group blog/news
site, covering Delaware Street Commons cohousing in Lawrence, Kansas.

It talks about the game the author (Elizabeth Black, a syndicated columnist
who wrote the award-winning "Buffalo Spirits") plays: "Where's the
Entrance," trying to figure out where the "front door" of houses are (if
they exist), given the dominance of garages as fronts, and how delighted and
surprised she was to discover a community where front porches were the norm

While the articles on the site don't allow comments, you can bring more
attention to it, and therefore cohousing in general, and this community in
particular, by clicking "Digg It" (if you have an account on Digg, or if you
create one for free in just a few seconds)
in case this link cuts off for some reason, you can use this short one here:

You can also leave comments on the Digg site if you feel you have something
to add or share related to it.

Thanks for joining in -- it is through YOUR participation in OUR movement
ventures like this that we will help the movement grow and thrive in 2009,
as our own community economies become more important, stable, and
sustainable, relative to the conventional one that surrounds us.

Raines Cohen, Cohousing Coach <>
Planning for Sustainable Communities
at Berkeley (CA) Cohousing, where several folks stayed after common dinner
for an hour last night to discuss alternative new-wave
religious/psychotherapy groups from the 60s-70s and our hopes for the Obama
administration and how community activism/organizing will make the
difference in its success (no, the topics are not related, but the
conversation made sense at the time. And No, there were no "special"
substances in the common dinner, unless you count pure scrumptiousness as a

East Bay Cohousing <> Facilitator

Where Betsy and I last night gave a standing-room-only talk at an event
sponsored by a local green realtor about the potential for cohousing and
"micro-community" in new developments, intergenerational and for seniors.
We'll be hosting an open house at our new downtown Berkeley clubhouse this
Saturday -- join the MeetUp for details.

Northern California Cohousing <> Regional

Very excited that I spent 3 hours on a train and damaged (slightly) a
bicycle wheel and my wrist in a minor accident to be able to participate in
the largest Silicon Valley Cohousing meeting in a year in Santa Clara (CA)
this past Saturday, discovering and supporting local organizing energy and
people committed to ongoing action to bring community into their lives.

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