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From: Craig Ragland (
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2009 17:23:58 -0800 (PST)
It's great to have Diana Leafe Christian as a blogger.
Diana is author of "Creating a Life Together" and "Finding Community"
- two important intentional community/cohousing books.

Diana joins two other prominent Cohousers, Chuck Durrett and Jim Leach
as Bloggers.

Chuck authored Senior Cohousing and, with his wife, Katie McCamant,
the original Cohousing book. He lives in Nevada City Cohousing. Jim's
companies, Wonderland Hill and Cohousing Partners (Katie is his
partner in this company), have developed more cohousing communities in
the US than anybody else.

The Cohousing Blogs are a way for Coho/US to cost-effectively provide
the world with interesting and useful Coho-Content. Some blog entries
have been read by thousands of people and we expect the readership to
continue to grow.

I'd like to clarify Diana's post:

We're not phasing out the Members Area - not exactly. We are
redefining it to better meet user needs. I feel great about our first
Members Area experiment, but Version 1 wasn't quite the right service.
Determining exactly what re-defining it means is still in process- we
will seek input on some of our ideas when we're ready for it. If you
want to share ideas here, now, feel free - we value and read Coho-L

All of the blogs in the Members Area have always been accessible to
everyone. On every page of the website, there is a
Navigation Bar on the left side of the page. It has a menu item named
"Cohousing Blog" - click it to see ALL blog entries from all bloggers, including the three Diana posted today. Or,
click this link to get to the same place:


Craig Ragland
Executive Director
Cohousing Association of the United States (Coho/US)

On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 4:11 PM, Diana Leafe Christian <diana [at]> wrote:
> Hello,

> web folks are phasing out the Members Area, I think, and now all the
> previous blog postings from the four topic areas will be in the
> general blog area on the website.
> Diana Leafe Christian
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