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Yes our CDs (that Tom Lofft so kindly recommended) are still available.
I've copied information about them below.  Two of them are free in
electronic version if you send me an email request.

Laura Fitch, AIA, LEED
Kraus-Fitch Architects, Inc
110 Pulpit Hill Rd.
Amherst, MA  01002
lfitch [at]

Cohousing Slide Shows by Kraus-Fitch Architects

The following slide shows are available on CD form for Power Point

What is Cohousing - $5 (email version is free)
Also available in French:  Qu'est ce que le cohousing?
This slide show gives prospective members and town officials an idea of what
cohousing is all about.  It includes lots of pictures of folks living,
playing, and working in both rural and urban cohousing communities.

Senior Cohousing - under development (some information on Senior Cohousing
is available on the "what is cohousing" show.

Cohousing Site Design - $25
This slide show illustrates with many photographs the important site design
issues such as distance between units, parking strategies, accessibility and
pedestrian walkways.   It addresses the seasonal and regional issues of snow
removal, summer shade, and winter sun and even looks at the seemingly
mundane issues that you will regret overlooking without proper programming.
It concludes with a tour of many North American Cohousing Communities -
urban and rural.

Cohousing Common House Design - $25
How do you create a Common House to meet all the needs of your community -
and to be the "living room" of the community?  Kitchens, Great Rooms, Kids
Room, Laundry and much, much more are explored and illustrated with
photographs from many communities.

Cohousing Unit Design - $25
This slide show looks at all types of cohousing housing options - single
family to apartment flats - the spaces within them, the relationships
between them, and the materials that go into their construction.
Customization is discussed in realistic terms.

Cohousing & Sustainable Design - $25
Cohousing presents a unique opportunity to build and live in more
sustainable ways.  This slide show looks at the big picture items, and the
details without losing sight of cost effectiveness.

Getting the Work Done - A case study of "Affinity Work Teams" at Pioneer
Valley Cohousing - $5 (email version is free)
What happens once you move into cohousing?  How do you get the common meals
cooked and the grass mowed?  This slide show gives the history and
descriptions of several work systems that were tried at Pioneer Valley.  It
then explains why we chose to develop "Affinity Teams", how we made the
transition, and how this system works.

Set of 6 - $80

These slide shows can be ordered by sending a check to:

Kraus-Fitch Architects
110 Pulpit Hill Rd.
Amherst, MA  01002

For more information about our slide shows and/or cohousing design services,
please call us at 413-549-5799 or email lfitch [at]

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The best cohousing course outline I can suggest is on the CD's prepared by
Kraus-Fitch Architects.

I believe they are still registered as a practicing professional and the
CD's are still available.

Tom Lofft
Liberty Village, MD
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