Re: Reality Questions for our new Common House!
From: Larry Miller (
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2009 10:30:27 -0800 (PST)
Do you lock your Common House?  If so, describe the circumstances.   
We are in a very rural, almost no crime area but some of our new neighbors and 
guests are city

Oak Creek Commons is a condo complex in a suburban area of Central California. 
We lock the
common house every night, even though community residences surround it. All 
residents have keys.

How do you hang coats and store wet and muddy boots?  
We have no provision for this. Everyone can get to the common house via 
sidewalks, the weather
is not extreme, and rain is only occasional. Umbrellas are usually left outside 
under the wide
overhang. Coats are simply put on the back of a chair, but we don't have long, 
New England type
outerwear. No muddy boots, generally.

We need to accommodate 50-70 people.  We have a great mudroom foyer but decided 
not to develop
built in's etc. until the construction company left the premise.  We'd love to 
do hooks
especially for children but how can you do so many????  And mats for boots are 
great but again
it seems like it would end up a pile?  

We have about 70 adults and children in the community. It is very rare that we 
need to
accommodate more than 35, except for major parties.

Larry Miller

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