House for rent at Triple Point Cohousing - 1/24/09 1:30pm showing
From: Scott Nelson Windels (
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 16:52:36 -0800 (PST)

House coming up for rent in the heart of Triple Point Cohousing

The rear house on the property that sits between the two pods of Triple
Point is up for rent!  The house is at 1123A 65th Street.  The back of
the house is on Peabody Lane, their is a gate entrance on both 65th
Street and Peabody Lane.

** Showing on Saturday January 24th 1:30pm until 3:30pm.  **

The owner of the house (not a member of our cohousing community will be
on hand) and some of the folks from our cohousing community.  You can
view the house and then also have a look around our community.  We will
not have any say in who is chosen for the rental due to the outside
owner - however we are very much hoping to see someone interested in
joining our group or friendly to our group get the house.  The house is
really only suitable for a single or a couple, we have kids in our group
and I don't think any of us with children would want to live in this
house as it is configured currently.  Yes it is really 1bd/1ba.

The quick facts:
- 1 bedroom/1 bath with living room and kitchen
- 760 sq ft upstairs, and finished 600 sq ft basement/garage (no
internal stair) - good for storage, car parking, studio space
- lots of light, windows on 3 sides of the living room
- all newly remodeled, including floors, heating, kitchen, double paned
windows, roof, outside paint, bathroom
- shared yard with front house
- owner is asking $1500/month.
- may be friendly to cats, not sure about dogs.

Being part of Triple Point:
- Opportunity to be as involved as you like: dinners, parties, projects,
child/dog care swap etc
- If you want to join our group officially we have a monthly meeting and
monthly dues, we are a young group (3 yrs old) and you would have space
to help define your role as you would be the first renter in our group.

Future of the house:
- There is a rumor that the front house tenants will be leaving sometime
next year,  whether the owners will be ready to sell the property at
that point is still a total unknown. But there is a chance that they
will.  At the very least we could campaign to rent the front house to
more community members.

Triple Point is on 65th street, between Hollis and San Pablo, near

A bit more info:

The Triple Point website has information about our cohousing group - We are currently 6 houses (owners), 10
adults, 2 kids, 3 dogs (and probably a cat or two soon). We bought the 6
houses 3 years ago, we eat together weekly on Thursdays, with a smaller
group eating together on Mondays. First Thursdays are more formal
meetings with an agenda, and second Saturdays are a community day (like
working on each other's houses, gardens or going out together).

Our group is split into two 'geographic' halves by another property -
this is the property where the house is for rent. The property has a
house in front which is rented by a family who has lived there for at
least a couple of years before we purchased. The back house has been
under renovation for that whole time and we're very excited to have the
possibility of getting someone who wants to be a part of our group, or a
coho friendly person of any sort. This would help connect to the current
two halves of our group (and we're hoping that will help convince the
current owners to add another gate to their yard so we can all go
through the yard...currently their is a gate to one side yard, but not
the other). Our long term goal is to try and purchase the property
whenever they are ready to sell - and have our retrofit group grow to 8

Contact coho [at] if you have more questions and I will try to
respond before the open house.

Scott Nelson Windels

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