Re: Reality Questions for our new Common House!
From: E Kay Argyle (
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 17:18:23 -0800 (PST)
Wasatch Commons in Salt Lake is in a suburban working-class neighborhood. The 
common house is (supposed to be) locked except during events. Someone (rotating 
monthly) is assigned to double-check every night that all doors are locked.
If you are like most communities, you'll find that very few events draw the 
entire community -- in fact, as time goes by, few draw more than half. It's 
nice to have capacity for absolutely everyone, but the great majority of the 
time you won't need it. (In fact, a dining room that seats fifty can seem 
awfully echoey for fifteen diners.)
Our coat hooks are two levels, shoulder-high for adults and waist-high for 
kids. (The hooks on the lower rack are animal heads -- elephants, horses, 
flamingos, rhinos, camels.). There are maybe half as many hooks as residents, 
quite adequate for most occasions. A rolling clothes rack (with hangers) comes 
out a few times a year for large events.
In the winter we put carpet runner near the door for people to leave snowboots 
on. I suspect we have a lot less mud than rural New England, however. 

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