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I am a former resident of a co-housing community and am now the
editor-in-chief of a soon to be launched, internationally based
website focusing on alternative ways of healing the individual and
the planet. Naturally, I thought it would be great to have a section
on Intentional Communities. What an opportunity to give co-housing
the recognition it deserves! I am currently looking for an
idealistic, enthusiastic individual who would like to be a
spokesperson for co-housing by becoming the editor for this section.
The editor would be responsible for pulling the section together-
i.e. finding articles and videos that would give the public a
realistic and helpful idea of co-housing. The section would also
feature a blog and with the right editor could become a mini on-line
community resource. While this is not a paid position, the editor
will have the opportunity to gain international recognition. If you
live or work within a field involved with co-housing it is also an
opportunity to let people know what you are doing and what you are
involved in.

Until we launch, we have created a website prototype to give you an
idea of the form and function of the website. You can see it at .

If this opportunity interests you, or if you have articles you
would like to post on our site, please let me know. I can be
reached at Neala [at]


Dr. Neala Peake
Neala [at]

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