Re: House for rent at Triple Point Cohousing - time change today EBCOHO open house
From: Raines Cohen (
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2009 10:10:09 -0800 (PST)
Just a quick note that this event is now 1-3 PM. In the "Oakleyville"
neighborhood: Oakland/Berkeley/Emeryville borderlands.
You can RSVP, see a map and pictures, and get lots more info at the East Bay
Cohousing website:

sign up there for free for notification of future opportunities in the
area... some of which are NOT posted here!

today at Songaia Cohousing in Bothell, WA, to participate in a life
celebration for a community member, longtime friend, and inspiration for me

On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 4:52 PM, Scott Nelson Windels <coho [at]>wrote:
> House coming up for rent in the heart of Triple Point Cohousing
> The rear house on the property that sits between the two pods of Triple
> Point is up for rent!  The house is at 1123A 65th Street.  The back of
> the house is on Peabody Lane, their is a gate entrance on both 65th
> Street and Peabody Lane.
> The owner of the house (not a member of our cohousing community will be
> on hand) and some of the folks from our cohousing community.  You can
> view the house and then also have a look around our community.  We will
> not have any say in who is chosen for the rental due to the outside
> owner - however we are very much hoping to see someone interested in
> joining our group or friendly to our group get the house.  The house is
> really only suitable for a single or a couple, we have kids in our group
> and I don't think any of us with children would want to live in this
> house as it is configured currently.  Yes it is really 1bd/1ba.
> The quick facts:
> - 1 bedroom/1 bath with living room and kitchen
> - 760 sq ft upstairs, and finished 600 sq ft basement/garage (no
> internal stair) - good for storage, car parking, studio space
> - lots of light, windows on 3 sides of the living room
> - all newly remodeled, including floors, heating, kitchen, double paned
> windows, roof, outside paint, bathroom
> - shared yard with front house
> - owner is asking $1500/month.
> - may be friendly to cats, not sure about dogs.
> Being part of Triple Point:
> - Opportunity to be as involved as you like: dinners, parties, projects,
> child/dog care swap etc
> - If you want to join our group officially we have a monthly meeting and
> monthly dues, we are a young group (3 yrs old) and you would have space
> to help define your role as you would be the first renter in our group.
> Future of the house:
> - There is a rumor that the front house tenants will be leaving sometime
> next year,  whether the owners will be ready to sell the property at
> that point is still a total unknown. But there is a chance that they
> will.  At the very least we could campaign to rent the front house to
> more community members.
> Triple Point is on 65th street, between Hollis and San Pablo, near
> Ashby.
> A bit more info:
> The Triple Point website has information about our cohousing group -
> We are currently 6 houses (owners), 10
> adults, 2 kids, 3 dogs (and probably a cat or two soon). We bought the 6
> houses 3 years ago, we eat together weekly on Thursdays, with a smaller
> group eating together on Mondays. First Thursdays are more formal
> meetings with an agenda, and second Saturdays are a community day (like
> working on each other's houses, gardens or going out together).
> Our group is split into two 'geographic' halves by another property -
> this is the property where the house is for rent. The property has a
> house in front which is rented by a family who has lived there for at
> least a couple of years before we purchased. The back house has been
> under renovation for that whole time and we're very excited to have the
> possibility of getting someone who wants to be a part of our group, or a
> coho friendly person of any sort. This would help connect to the current
> two halves of our group (and we're hoping that will help convince the
> current owners to add another gate to their yard so we can all go
> through the yard...currently their is a gate to one side yard, but not
> the other). Our long term goal is to try and purchase the property
> whenever they are ready to sell - and have our retrofit group grow to 8
> households!

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