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At Cascadia Commons, we charge 50 cents per load and yearly, we take up a collection. In the past, getting washers and dryers has been a combination of donations, user group members chipping in what they could afford. As far as utilities go, the cost in included in the utility bill for the common house and therefore, that portion is subsidized by the community at large. We could not come to consensus re: including replacement cost in our capital reserve so we have handled it informally as issues come up.

Judith Lienhard

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Oak Creek Commons charges $0.50 per load. People check off each load on a posted

list of names

and, once a month, a volunteer sends out requests for payment.

It is likely that this does not fully cover the utilities and maintenance. It

definitely does

not cover replacement reserves. The community, in effect, provides a subsidy.

Larry Miller

Oak Creek Commons

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Hey folks,

If you have community laundry, how does that get funded?  If it's per

load, how much?


   - cat


Catya Belfer-Shevett   ~   webmaster,   ~   Cohousing in MA!


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