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We've been living here at Heartwood for 9 years and we're focusing more and more on food production -- now that we've evolved beyond the move-in stage. We're a rural community in SW Colorado with 361 acres overall, 65 acres of irrigated pasture, a greenhouse, henhouse, and many gardens.

A couple years ago, Bevan Williams moved here. He's very knowledgeable in larger scale organic gardening so with his leadership, we're now ramping up significantly. A number of residents have recently started the Heartwood Farms Co-op ( ). Like all of our ag operations, it is a separate and autonomous entity from our HOA. The primary purpose of the co-op is to raise local, organic food for the community, but keeping it separate gives community members the opportunity to opt in or out. The food is sold through an informal store in our common house. There's also a lot that shows up in our common meals.

This past year most of the labor for both the store and the gardening was provided by Bevan and Lynne. They made some minimal profits on the food they sold to partially compensate them for their work. Other members make a little money selling food that they make or grow at our store (goat cheese, chutney, potatoes, etc).


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Does your group produce its own food? If so, to what extent? And how do you organize the labor and distribution? Does your group have (or is it
associated with) a CSA?


Charles W. Nuckolls
Utah Valley Commons

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