Re: Young Adult Cohousers
From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2009 05:52:18 -0800 (PST)
How many young adults come back to live with parents
for periods of time? Since this is common in general, I presume it

I am an advocate of "open ended" conceptions of community membership.
That is it makes sense to me to have a "soft edge" on considering who is a
part of the community.  I'd be happy to consider most anyone who wants to
consider themselves part of the community to be so.  The degree of
involvement would clearly be different for people who have moved on
physically and are not around much for example.  But they may decide
to move back at some point.

Similarly the degree of involvement of resident members will vary over
time as they move thru life stages, careers etc.  But membership is
presumably a long time commitment and therefore when time and inclination
permit, greater involvement will probably result.

Rob has often pointed out that if you want children in your community,
providing facilities like play facilities and generally making the
community work for kids is key to attracting families with kids.
This can be done by folks who dont have kids or at least the commitment to
do so can be made.

A logical extension would seem to be possible for young adults.
What can a cohousing community do to make it work better for and
attractive to young adults?  Having verified community wide workability
of baby monitors is great. How about advertising something like "17
certified back up child care person readily available".
I'm sure there are other features that would be particlulary attractive to
young adults.  But also emphasize the availability of privacy and dont be
too rigid about the membership duties.


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