Re: Young Adult Cohousers
From: astromezzo (
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2009 06:07:56 -0800 (PST)
I'm the youngest homeowner in my cohousing community - I was 26 when we chose to pursue joining the community in formation, and 29 when we moved into our new home. I couldn't help but notice there was no one else in their 20s around - my supposition is that at least in our area there are very few 20-somethings in a position to buy a house in this price range and settle down. My husband is a few years older than I am, which meant that he had reached the point in his academic career where he was just starting the settled-down, tenure track position that would allow us to consider making a long-term choice about where to live, and afford us the money to do so while I spent most of my time home with our kids on the way. The demands of young children may be another reason people are not able to invest the time and energy to join and participate in cohousing. The 4 hour meetings we had in formation were difficult for those with pre-school-aged children in particular. Now that we're living here, it's easier in many ways to participate, especially since we chose a site where we can tote the baby monitor over to the common house!

Having lived in a co-op house in college and in a cooperative apartment complex while in grad school (for a total of 8 adult years in intentional community already) I was highly motivated to live in community, and ready to jump right in and participate.

I have assumed we'll always have an age gap in the 20s in our community - even our renters have been mainly older than that. There's also an age gap at the upper end - I don't think we currently have anyone over about 75? Still, I appreciate the range of ages among adults and getting social connections with people across the various decades that I am sure would have been less likely to happen outside of cohousing.

Rocky Hill Cohousing
Florence, MA

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