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We celebrated each move-in with a large welcome sign, provision of a dinner on move-in day, and a ceremonial ritual where as many members as could met in that house, sang a song, and each new household added an original bead design to a hanging that we later hung in the Common House. David Entin, Rocky Hill Cohousing ----- Original Message ----- From: "Susana Michaelis" <susana [at]>
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Hello cohousers,

Pacific Gardens Cohousing Community in Nanaimo, BC Canada is 3 months
away from our target completion date at the end of April. Yahoo! We
still have a great mix of unit sizes, so check out our website if you
want to move to beautiful Vancouver Island.

I am looking for suggestions of community-building activities that we
could be doing now, in preparation for enjoying each other's company
once we move in. A Vancouver Island University student is wanting to use
us as a case study for the next 4 months to observe how we create
community now and then transition into using our common amenities.

I am really excited as this is a perfect time for us to ramp up the
current connectedness that we already have in our meetings and committee
work.  Currently we have a monthly potluck with a theme, speaker or
activity. These have been a lot of fun, educational, and involved
wonderful food!

As individuals and in small groups our members are highly involved in
the local community and represent a huge range of interests and
activities. We invite each other to events, clubs, hikes and dinner
parties as part of our increasing friendship amongst members.

I am seeking suggestions for activities that help build cohesiveness and
ease the transition to living in community:

1) Activities that your cohousing group did prior to move-in
2) Activities that you wish you had done
3) Activities that continued or started once you were using your common
4) Activities that attracted new members
5) Activities that attracted families with children
6) How to keep connected during the busy move-in and adjustment period
7) Any other suggestions for us, during this pre-completion time

I am really looking forward to hearing from our greater cohousing community,
Thanking you in advance!

Susana Michaelis
"Where friends become neighbours, and neighbours become friends"

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