Re: Cohousing property values
From: Craig Ragland (
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 20:15:46 -0800 (PST)
I believe a lot of cohousers look at expenses in ways that are too
conventional and a lot less helpful than they might...

At Songaia, our capital costs are spread across 13 units.

I wish our costs were as high as possible. WHAT? Am I nuts? Wanting
high costs? Huh?

Many cohousers seem to have a hard time really appreciating that each
of our family's payments are highly leveraged. My family's
contributions are "matched" (more or less) by 12 other families. Since
we have done most of our own labor, the cost of materials is very low
compared to what we get in return - that is, a very high return on
investment. I like this, a lot.

I get to enjoy all of the benefits of our peace garden (for 1/13 of
the cost), our chicken tractor (for 1/13 of the cost), our kids play
structure, our garden walk, our new concrete path replacement, etc.,

I strongly believe that many of us will start to rethink our ideas
about spending money as we wake up to the reality that collaborative
spending is far more powerful - and valuable - than hoarding "my
money" in private accounts.

Craig (writing as an individual with strong opinions that others can
accept or reject as they wish)

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> There is a group of members in my community that are requesting a
> plan for the common area in the community, parking lot, entrance road
> and entrance to the community. It would be expensive to have this
> plan done. One of their comments is that having continuity through
> out the community and beautification will enhance our property
> values. We all agree on maintaining the buildings and common
> physical structures.
> I would like comments from other cohousing members about what
> attracts new members to your cohousing community and what maintains
> your property values?
> thank you
> Patricia DeWitt
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