Re: Urban Affordable Cooperative Cohousing Communities.
From: Larry Miller (
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2009 12:52:44 -0800 (PST)
> I'd dearly love to see more cohousing communities structured as coops in
> large measure because then the whole group owns the community, while
> each resident household owns a membership share (which costs a lot less
> than it costs to purchase a cohousing condo or townhouse). 

I would be really interested in knowing why a membership share costs less than 
a purchase, as
the land purchase and construction costs aren't any less expensive. Does this 
mean that "dues"
are much higher because members pay their share of a mortgage? It would seem 
that, in total,
members would end up paying as much as they would for a condo down payment plus 
mortgage payment
plus homeowner association dues.

Larry Miller

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