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Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 06:25:25 -0800 (PST)
Congratulations, Raines and Betsy, in getting this project off the ground! Special congrats in working w/ this developer to help him see how cohousing can help him achieve his goals of building a sustainable community.

It's great to hear that a new developer is getting involved in building cohousing. As more developers build cohousing and are able to bring a project in on time and on budget more developers will get involved and the number of cohousing communities will increase.

Central to their being able to do this is having a cohousing professional on board who understands both the needs of the professionals AND the needs of the future resident members. That's YOU!

Keep us posted on your progress!

PS -- The Meet Up site was down. :-( I'll check it later for the details!

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On Feb 10, 2009, at 7:55 AM, Raines Cohen wrote:

Dear Cohousers in the San Francisco Bay Area,

* Interested in being part of a new 23-to-24-unit cohousing community in
central Berkeley?
* Can you imagine living in a new 1 or 2 bedroom flat close to everything?
* Ready to buy a home in 2010?

Be one of the first to learn about plans for the first new cohousing in Berkeley in 15 years! We're delighted to be able to share some images of urban cohousing and plans for this approved 25-unit condo project in the heart of central Berkeley, and how we think it can be your future cohousing

We're hosting a slide show tomorrow (Wed.) night in Berkeley, and briefings
this weekend and beyond, with several events to follow.

Details are posted at the East Bay Cohousing (EBCOHO) MeetUp site:

A local independent developer is enthusiastic about building green and has asked us to identify interest and potential for cohousing in a property he owns that is already approved for 25 1- and 2-bedroom condominiums and 2 retail spaces and parking on the ground floor. The design allows for several
possible layouts for common space, including generous outdoor space,
primarily above ground on a series of large decks which can be held in
common, plus a rooftop garden.

The developer is ready to finalize the site and general building design if there are serious cohousing buyers ready to step up to the table to provide
input. He is very interested in the cohousing market because of his
commitment to green building and the potential for a core group forming and
making a financial commitment before construction starts in June.

The meeting Wed. eve will run 6:30-9 PM, at the East Bay Cohousing clubhouse in downtown Berkeley. Advance RSVP is required; pay in advance to reserve your seat (free for current paid EBCOHO members; join today to be able to attend for free). We're keeping this first briefing small so we can answer
questions in the limited time available. Light refreshments will be

If you can't make this event, fear not, we'll have several more scheduled on
different days and times in the next few weeks, including some longer
discussions and opportunities to meet the developer and look over the
numbers to see if this can work for you, including:

* Sunday, February 15, in the afternoon
* Sunday, March 1, in the afternoon

Plus we'll be hosting several other events related to cooperative community. In March, we're planning a full-day workshop designed to help the future members of this community work together on the development timeline and
budget, as well as participate in the design process.

We're also planning some other fun events this month related to affordable cooperative housing opportunities; no matter what your assets and income, we want to help you find, co-create, and live in a loving neighborhood. Feel
free to contact us for help mapping out your path to community living.

Raines and Betsy, Cohousing Coaches

your East Bay Cohousing hosts
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