Re: Furnishing your common house kitchen - dishes, utensils
From: Audrey Watson (
Date: Fri, 1 May 2009 18:46:32 -0700 (PDT)
Well, our insurance company required us to add the automatic fire suppression (fire extinguisher) to our range hood. we do have a big 2 oven 6 burner commercial stove (a regular stove just wouldn't heat big amounts fast enough, or fit our 3gallon pots) . When the common house was built (17 years ago? already) we bought a used commercial stove, and a used commercial refrigerator. they both lasted about 15 years, and we replaced them both with equiv commercial units a couple years ago. we have a used chest freezer as well, which is useful for frozen stuff for upcoming meals, some frozen staples, and things like ice cream cakes for celebrations. we also have a commercial dish washer (which it turns out is more water efficient than other kinds of dishwashers), and I can't imagine how we would wash our multiple loads of dishes in a regular dishwasher. I believe it was also bought used, but I'm not sure on that, and it is still clunking along. The only thing I don't like about the commercial stove is that the pilots are on all the time, and I that is a waste of propane.

However, we do have meals 4 or 5 nights a week, serving 10-35 or so people, and up to 50ish people on special occasions and holidays.

The other appliances I'm really fond of are a big commercial size rice cooker (really helpful when you cook brown rice which cooks a long time), and a big cuisanart, which we use for chopping things and grating cheese, making lots of stuff. We also have fairly big kitchenaid mixer, that is very nice for baking, etc. And of course I'm really happy with the big center island in the kitchen that allows lots of people to cook together. (it has storage for things like pot lids, baking trays, cutting boards etc underneath it and a pot hanger above it. we have big stainless commercial pots, and stainless "insert" size pans (and 1/2 size ones) for making casseroles and baked things (I think named that because they fit in a steam table, but we don't have one of those).
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