Re: USA Today ARticle on Silver Sage and Senior Cohousing
From: Jessica Groom (
Date: Thu, 7 May 2009 07:34:24 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Chili Head and everyone.
     I volunteer with *A Home In Community*, a non-profit organization that
was created a couple of years ago to help create more affordable
opportunities for individuals with disabilities to be part of cohousing
neighborhoods.  We're small and only manage one unit so far (an affordable
rental that we created with the folks at CoHo Ecovillage, in Oregon), but we
were formed because the founding members of CoHo experienced frustrations
similar to the ones expressed in your post.  CoHo was able to find public
financing to create many subsidized home-ownership opportunities, but no
financing to create an affordable rental until we formed a nonprofit
        Several of our volunteers will be attending/presenting at the
National Cohousing Confernce next month to share info about what we've done
at CoHo and hopefully learn more about what other communities are already
doing, or would like to be doing, in this area.  Stay in contact with us if
you'd like to learn more about how that goes!  I can be contacted directly
at JessGroom1 [at]
         Check out for more about our experiences
so far.
       Best of luck finding a community that is a good fit for you.

       Jessica Groom
       Member of A Home In Community
       and CoHo Ecovillage

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