Re: USA Today Article on Silver Sage and Senior Cohousing
From: Bob Morrison (
Date: Fri, 8 May 2009 11:58:43 -0700 (PDT)
   On 5/7, Chili Head wrote: 

  However, I am discouraged by much that I have read about cohousing, and
whether or not we could ever find a place for ourselves in such a community.

  For one, from the above article, "There are only three senior cohousing
developments [up and running] in the USA."


  Like her, I'm discouraged at how slowly the senior cohousing movement is
moving. I think part of the problem is that senior cohousing is drawing from
a smaller demographic than "regular" cohousing is. Regular cohousing draws
people from ages 0-18 and 20-85 (there are few people in their 20s who live
in cohousing). Senior cohousing draws people from age 55 up. It makes sense
that if you draw from a smaller demographic, it's harder to reach critical
mass with a group. But I sense there is more to the problem than this.

  Also, the recession has put a major damper on cohousing of all kinds. If
you are trying to do a specialized form of cohousing, such as senior
cohousing, this "double whammy" makes it almost impossible.


Bob Morrison

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