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Date: Sat, 9 May 2009 06:59:57 -0700 (PDT)
Here on the west coast of Florida, we have been working towards the development 
of an elder cohousing project for over three years.  When our group began 
meeting, it became clear that there were several issues about which the members 
were concerned that would preclude a "seniors only" project.  High among those 
issues was the concern that members' offspring could be excluded from living in 
an inherited unit because of their age.  Our "accommodation" was to redefine 
our project as "elder rich" which we considered as having an emphasis on "aging 
in place" in general and more specifically in the requirement that the 
community support a "concierge" service patternened after the Beacon Hill 
Village project in Boston.  The ages of our group range from the mid 50's to 
the early 70's, and our purpose is to live in community and to support one 
another in our aging process.

Having visited Silver Sage and having spoken with several residents there, I 
remain committed to the proposition that we, seniors, share some common bonds 
and priorities that define our community differently from the intergenerational 
model and that it is our best interest to follow our own vision.  At our age, 
we are in a process of deminishing abilities, acceptance of limitations & 
assistance, and a comradarity of life's circumstances.  We are not 
exclusionary; we are "birds of a feather."

Van Deist, 67 y/o
Venice, Florida          
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  In the recent thread:
  Re: USA Today Article on Silver Sage and Senior Cohousing
  there is some speculation why there are "only 3 cohousing developments".

  I'm not particularly enthused about "senior only cohousing" ,
  I'd rather live in "general" cohousing (I'll be 62 later this month).
  Any speculation on what percent of the older people interested in
  cohousing want senior only cohousing?

  BTW what percent of the people currently in general cohousing are over 55?

  Given the low turnover rate in most cohousing, it may only be a matter of
  time till current general cohousing is a majority over 55.


  In the US rental units in cohousing are not very widely available.
  But "rental" can just mean someone other than the occupant owns
  the unit. Are there communities that require owner occupancy?  That is
  can someone own and rent a unit to someone else?  Could one's kids or a
  neighbor own a unit and rent to their parents / neighbor?

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