Seeking advice on getting past idea stage
From: River Snow (
Date: Wed, 27 May 2009 23:15:29 -0700 (PDT)
A circle of friends has had a couple of meetings to discuss forming an ecovillage-type cohousing project in Northern California.

We are looking for advice from some of you veterans in getting from the place of ideas and moving towards the moving-in stage. We all have individual pictures of our dream, but haven't yet merged that into a group vision. Forming a group vision will certainly be something we take on soon. As we face that task, we already have questions about forming that vision as a smaller group, then inviting others to join the group mid-process, which will inevitably change the vision. Also, what aspects of the project are we best off addressing now, vs. leaving until later?

Can you recommend any resources dealing specifically with startup: cohousing books? websites? consultants in N. CA? other resources? conferences? Sadly, we missed the recent meeting with Chuck in Berkeley; I'm sure that would have been insightful. We are located in the Davis/Sacramento, Berkeley/Oakland/SF, and Santa Cruz areas, so any startup consulting services in these areas would be appropriate.

What should we do before meeting with a consultant?

Thanks ahead of time for your *solicited* advice -

River Seanain
Davis, CA

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