Re: Rental Cohousing?
From: Joanie Connors (
Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 06:57:44 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Harold & Sandra,

You describe a beautiful vision, but it will be tough to really make that into a community because the house and property are in your names. The power dynamics will always reflect that.

Have you studied consensus decision making? What if someone disagrees with you? How will money and remodeling costs be managed?

I wish you the best, but please do some research!

Good luck,
Joanie Connors
Silver City, NM
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Subject: [C-L]_ Rental Cohousing Opportunity

Rent or ‘rent to own’

As we have read through the letters from potential cohousers we note the
frustration of those desiring the opportunity to rent, or a general
frustration with the lack of available options that fit a variety of
personal reasons.

We offer a potential solution to this situation: The launching of an
ElderFire House in Los Angeles.

We are the owners of a magnificent home with adjacent buildable land in the
midst of one of Los Angeles' most desirable neighborhoods. This is not an
ordinary home or property; it is considered an architectural treasure of
this community.

The home, used as a house share, can readily be divided into four private
units. There is a large kitchen, a common room and other common spaces.
Other units could eventually be built on the adjacent land bringing the
total units up to eleven.

Our vision for this property will be to launch an Elderfire cohousing
community. Today we are ready to home share with three other individuals or
couples with whom we share a common vision and values and who are committed
to being active participants in the evolutionary process of this community.

Interested?  This is an opportunity to participate in both the planning and
the benefits of living in community, enjoying the qualities of community
that so many of us have or look forward to within the traditional cohousing

Let us know if you find this idea compatible enough with your dreams and
wishes to step forward now and help initiate the process.

Go to our website and/or communicate directly
with us and let us fan the flames of community in Southern California.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Harold and Sandra Shapiro


hmshapiro2010 [at]
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