A composting program at a LARGE cohousing -- How??
From: Audrey Watson (audreygalisteo.com)
Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 11:19:49 -0700 (PDT)
We have both "food scrap composting" and other greenery composting. The other greenery (weeds, clippings, leaves etc) we do in the stacks of different age stuff, that gets turned occasionally. The food: we tried the outdoor composting (attracted rats), we only have 10 chickens, so they couldn't eat 30 households of scraps, we tried worm bins (they went anaerobic in the winter, and you could smell them a block away, I think in the winter the worms couldn't handle the volume), and we tried burying it, but that was just too labor intensive. We looked at commercial composters, but they tended to be too expensive (google islandwood and food composting, you can see a big one they have that is >$12000), we ended up buying a Clivus composting toilet on Ebay, (and we have a garbage can lid where a toilet might have been) and installing that outdoors (can send pictures), and it seems to manage our volume of food waste just fine. It still takes some maintenance, but less than the non-functional worm bin.
winslow cohousing
bainbridge island, wa

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