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Date: Sat, 30 May 2009 17:05:51 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Fred (and all you lurkers, out there - grin),

See below...

On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 7:07 AM, Fred H Olson <fholson [at]> 

> Jan Gudmand Hoyer is a Danish architect who has been involved with
> cohousing since the early days.  He will be giving the keynote speech at
> the upcoming Cohousing Conference and attending the International
> Cohousing Summit discussion that precedes the conference.
> There is a recent interview with him at:

I find it exciting to be a part of helping more of the pre-US Cohousing
Stories out for more to hear. There are so very few of us as fortunate as
Fred, who have experienced Danish Cohousing first-hand. You can view photos
from Fred's 1999 Denmark Tour right here:

The 2009 Conference Team recently decided to open the Keynote to the general
public. So anybody who would like to hear Gudmand Hoyer's keynote address in
person can, for just $20 (cash-only, at the door). At the keynote, you'll be
invited to also attend the post-keynote reception afterward. Attending the
recption lets more people network with some of the movers and shakers from
across the Coho-world.

There is no pre-registration for the Keynote-only event. While there should
be enough seats, it is first-come, first-seated. Note: those who are
registered will use a reserved seating section for people who do register
for the conference. People who come to the keynote, may be able to register
afterward if you decide you want more coho-goodness.

Both this Keynote and Reception are included in the main conference
registration, so those who are registered just need to show their conference

> Craig,
> When the results from the summit are "instant-published"
> can a link be posted to cohousing-L?

Sure - of course, anybody can post any link to any public page
to Coho-L at any time.

A video team will record at least some of the Summit, but we're still
working out details of exactly what content will be captured or made
available - both to people attending the Conference and more broadly.

There are, by the way, some specific online work-products I hope will come
out of the Summit. So far, there has been a lot of talk and I've started
some work to support it, but it is really the Summit attendees who will make
the decisions about exactly what happens - both at the event and whatever
collaborative work afterward. Coho/US is investing in growing the
International Cohousing Movement, ala the 2009 International Summit. We're
prepared to work with people in other countries to do more over the coming
years. I don't have a lot of history with Coho/US - I joined the board in
2006, but I believe that the Summit is our first organizational foray into
the International scene.

> What are plans this year for documenting the conference for those
> who cannot attend?

The same video team will shoot some Pre-Conference workshops and parts of
the main Conference as well - including the Keynote (it would take 6
simultaneous teams to capture all the breaktout sessions). We're also not
sure exactly what we'll have from the Pre-Conference Workshops, Tours, and
the Main Conference, or how it will be distributed. We're investing in
capturing the video data, but decisions about how to use are in the works -
although we will definitely have a killer "ain't the conference great"

We will also have slides from some of the Conference presenters. Not many
are aware that some of the 2008 Slides are available within the 2008
Conference website:

Slides that are there are are not easy to find, so here's a link to an
example page that has a slide deck attached in PDF format:

Note: these slides were created by Cohousing Architect Grace Kim (who is
also a Coho/US Board Member, the 2009 Conference Chair, and the
International Summit chair) - like many Coho/US board member volunteers, she
wears lots of hats.

Whether we will once again publicly post slides for sessions that conference
presenters make available has not been discussed. I think we'll definitely
make some of them available... a great many of the pre-conference workshops
and breakout sessions are about experience, the interaction and don't even
have slide presentations.

The focus of all past National Cohousing Conferences have been:

(1) face-to-face interactions amongst  Cohousing activists and professionals
(2) bringing useful knowledge and information to different geographic areas
(3) introducing Cohousing to new people or helping people to "go deep"

2009 is no different. Our conferences are just not focused on provide
services to those who don't show up. Hopefully, many thousands, and later,
millions will benefit from the actions of those who do join us in Seattle.

Instead of hoping Coho/US does more work to make our conference more
available to more people online, I hope more people decide to join us in
Seattle (26 days and counting).


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