Only 1 Day Until The June 6 Tour of Daybreak Cohousing
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Only 1 Day Until The June 6 Tour of Daybreak Cohousing in Portland, OR

Daybreak Cohousing, a new Portland, Oregon cohousing project, will hold a
public tour at the Daybreak location, 2525 N. Killingsworth St., between
North Wilbur and North Delaware, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on June 6.
Daybreak Cohousing was named on of the nations "top 10 green cohousing
developments" by Natural Home magazine in January 2009. Meet members, see
a model unit and the Common House, tour the site.

Tour participants are encouraged to take public transit to the Daybreak
site. Transit routes are MAX (Killingsworth stop), and Tri-Met routes 72
Killingsworth and 35 Greeley. For more information, visit ,
email askaboutus [at], or
call Sterling at 503-310-7044.

Daybreak Cohousing members will also be presenting at the National
Cohousing Conference in Seattle.

Katlin Smith, APR, Principal
101 East Eighth Street, Suite 325E
Vancouver, Washington 98660
T: 360.699.7234
F: 360.859.4509
katlin [at]

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