Solar Eco-Village in Utah!
From: balaji (
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2009 09:09:28 -0700 (PDT)
Dear All,

The Utah Valley Commons will include:

1.  40 Timber-frame strawbale houses
2.  Passive solar design
3.  Geothermal heating and cooling for all houses from common system
4.  Active solar
5.  5,000 sq ft Common House with four guest rooms, commerical kitcen,
large dining room, music room (with fireplace), and yoga room.
6.  Total on-site waste treatment
7.  On-Site water from massive artesian well.

The residential community will be surrounded by 48 acres of permaculture
gardens, thus permitting us to grow a lot of our food on-site.  There will
be a pasture for horses.  And there will be a 3 acre wetland.

Now is the time to consider joining!

See our website for more information:


Charles W. Nuckolls
Janis B. Nuckolls

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