Re: ratio of least to most expensive unit in cohousing?
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Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2009 18:37:07 -0700 (PDT)
We have 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms. The spread was based off the spread that the 
appraiser that did our construction loan did. Our pricing is a bit complicated 
since we've offered discounts to early members. Our end pricing at least is 
less than 1:2. I can't recall the spread within the discounts, but they are 
likely similar. The spread alsotakes into account different ammenities sim to 
how the appraiser did it... I.e. Back yards, extra windows/end units, views, 
etc. Good luck!

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        Our spread was approximately $500000 (4BR with around 1700 
SF)/$225000 (studio with around 500 SF), or 2.2 to 1.

David Heimann
Jamaica Plain Cohousing

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Subject: [C-L]_ ratio of least to most expensive unit in cohousing?
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Hi all--

Here is Brooklyn we are struggling to establish our prices so we can
do unit selection next week and bring in more much needed members. A
tension has emerged between the needs of those seeking the smallest
units (studios) and those families needing affordable 3BRs. Because of
our constraints in renovating an existing building with fixed costs
and square footage, affordability for one end of the spectrum directly
impacts affordability at the other. My question for you today is this:
what is that spread between least and most expensive units in your
community? Our pricing task force's latest work has proposed unit
prices where the largest units (1250 sf) are more than 3.5 times the
price of the smallest (318 sf). I'm wondering how that pattern
compares to other communities?

thank you in advance,
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