Diversity and unit types
From: Greg Nelson (ghnpgt.com)
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2009 19:53:04 -0700 (PDT)

Saw your message on cohousing-L where a couple of members forwarded
it.  I have two quick thoughts which might be of some interest.

1) There are some home designs -- I can point you to Rod Lambert at
   EcoVillage at Ithaca (rod [at] ecovillage.ithaca.ny.us) for at least one
   example -- which can be affordably built and readily reconfigured
   between two one-bedroom units or a single two-bedroom unit, just by
   adding/removing a single short wall.  Such a unit provides for two
   individuals or couples, or enough space for a larger family.  Of
   course the problem is that the total number of units would change,
   but if you planned it for the larger family by default, it would
   then give you space for more, rather than fewer, residents.

2) On a very different note, we have seen a tendency of groups to
   "follow suit."  We started off with three young families with
   children amongst our membership, and it seems that we are now
   attracting more of the same.  There is a chance that if you have a
   critical mass of people in the 45-60 age bracket and with the other
   characteristics you have described, that that is the kind of future
   resident you will attract.

That said, I strongly applaud your interest in diversity of residents.
It's an important aspect of the mission in my community, as we see
each group contributing to different aspects of what our community
will be.

Best of luck,
Greg Nelson
White Hawk Ecovillage

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