Re: Just Move Forward! & "Pioneers & Settlers" re Solar Village in Utah
From: Diana E Carroll (
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 06:12:27 -0700 (PDT)
I think the confusing part of this discussion is that the email
from Utah Commons stating that this many acres of this and that
many acres of that will be used like so is contradicted by
the statement on the website:

"The Utah Valley Commons is currently considering several sites (50 acres
and up) in rural Utah County, mostly in the area west of Spanish Fork.

The email implied land was secured.  The web site states
that land search is still underway.  If you haven't secured
land, it is definitely premature to state things like
"A three-acre wetland provides habitat for aquatic life."  How do you
know that your eventual site will include a three acre

(My guess is that you have already found land and no one
has had time to update the website.  I'm familar with this
problem :-) )

BTW, apropos only of the website...can I suggest dropping
the music from the home page?  It makes it hard for those
of us browsing at work in a shared aural environment.  (Yes,
I can shut of the music, but I can't retroactively stop
it from already having bothered my neighbors.  Also the
music restarts whenever I go back to the home page.)

- Diana

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