Re: Just Move Forward! & "Pioneers & Settlers" re Solar Village in Utah
From: balaji (
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 08:13:46 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Diana, Sharon, and All,

You grasped perfectly what our intention is, and you summed it up using
language -- "pioneers and settlers" -- that hits the nail on the head.

Endless dithering had proved demoralizing, and that is why a small but
committed group of us "pioneers" decided to push ahead with the project. 
We believe the "settler" phase will begin as soon as we have secured the
entitlements for our 50 acres and begun the infrastructure improvements. 
It is a risk, for us and our investors, but we are convinced that the
market is ready for a full-scale ecovillage.

It is a complex, but exciting project:  we are, in effect, establishing
our own electric and water utilities, and creating a common
heating/cooling service with a closed-loop geothermal system for 40

We'll take your advise and revise the website.  The music probably needs
to go.  And we need to make it clear that we have indeed settled on a
particular piece of land.

To anyone considering us, we hope to be able to accept lot reservations
within the next few months.  We welcome expressions of interest now,
however, since it will help secure our funding for the infrastructure.

Thanks a lot, everyone, for your comments!  We are truly grateful!

Best wishes,

Charles and Janis Nuckolls

> I think the confusing part of this discussion is that the email
> from Utah Commons stating that this many acres of this and that
> many acres of that will be used like so is contradicted by
> the statement on the website:
> "The Utah Valley Commons is currently considering several sites (50 acres
> and up) in rural Utah County, mostly in the area west of Spanish Fork.
> "
> The email implied land was secured.  The web site states
> that land search is still underway.  If you haven't secured
> land, it is definitely premature to state things like
> "A three-acre wetland provides habitat for aquatic life."  How do you
> know that your eventual site will include a three acre
> wetland?
> (My guess is that you have already found land and no one
> has had time to update the website.  I'm familar with this
> problem :-) )
> BTW, apropos only of the website...can I suggest dropping
> the music from the home page?  It makes it hard for those
> of us browsing at work in a shared aural environment.  (Yes,
> I can shut of the music, but I can't retroactively stop
> it from already having bothered my neighbors.  Also the
> music restarts whenever I go back to the home page.)
> - Diana
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