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The Solterra Community in Durham, NC allows owners to build their own houses, there are at least two houses here that the owners built. Each home in our community has been separately designed and built. The designs are submitted to the ARB (architectural review board) and have to meet the community as well as the city/county requirements. I think that there is one lot currently available. If interested, go to the community website:, and click on the word "here" just to the right of the picture to send an email to our contacts person. They will be glad to forward your email on to the lot owner.

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My wife and I have been investigating cohousing for several years (mostly in New England, but also in North Carolina and New York) and we have mostly found that it is out of our price range. When we visited Two Echo Cohousing one member told us about First Day Cottages, We would really like to build a first day cottage at cohousing, particularly in New England, as it is near family, but we have not found a place where that is possible. The only place it looks like it could have been possible is the Eco-Village at Ithaca in their second village but that was built when we were just starting the process of looking into cohousing.

Does anyone have any ideas on how this could be possible? I think that building your own affordable home with a small footprint would fit very well with cohousing. I am unwilling to give up the idea of living in community as I think it is essential for my family and I very much want my son to grow up with it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. This is very important to us.

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