East Bay Cohousing events calendar: Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco & beyond
From: Raines Cohen (rc3-coho-Lraines.com)
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 11:34:18 -0700 (PDT)
Looking to learn about cohousing and community opportunities,
multigenerational and aging-in-community, in the San Francisco Bay
Area's urban core?

Welcome to East Bay Cohousing, where we've got more than a dozen
events going on in the next two weeks, full of opportunities to
connect, engage, meet cohousers and cohousing seekers, professionals
and burning souls, authors and architects. Discover how to map out
your path to sustainable community living, get to know your future
neighbors, and get the resources you need to move from talk to action.

Here's a glance at what's happening, and how YOU can be a part of it:

TONIGHT (Friday):
- Berkeley Cohousing member Lisa Carey speaks about her sustainable
landscaping business at the Sierra Club Bay Chapter's Green Fridays
potluck in West Berkeley

- Cohousing movement co-founder Chuck Durrett presents the second
edition of his Senior Cohousing handbook with a slide show in West
Berkeley (Builder's Booksource). Come learn about local plans to start
a Successful Aging "Study Group 1" course based on the Danish model
Chuck writes about as a key step in the process of making
intergenerational and Senior Cohousing a viable choice that meet's
people's life needs. Optional no-host drinks/dinner at Brennan's

TOMORROW (Saturday):
- Cohousing Coach Raines Cohen hosts a cohousing introduction at 1:30
PM at the East Bay Cohousing Clubhouse (downtown Berkeley, by the
farmer's market)

- Join East Bay Cohousing members in a fun, interactive Solano Stroll
booth with the Elders' Guild, sharing resources for Aging In
Community. Free Cohousing Coaching for volunteers (Solano near Tulare
Ave., North Berkeley/Albany)

- The Elders' Guild meets, sharing tools for community (Downtown
Berkeley Library)

- Miguel Yasuyuki Hirota, international expert on complementary
currencies from Japan, will be presenting successful models of
alternatives to the centralized monetary system as a guest of Bay Area
Community Exchange (East Bay Cohousing Clubhouse, Downtown Berkeley)

MONDAY 9/14:
- The second meeting to explore "Backyard Neighborhood and Learning
Center" community possibilities, featuring Q&A with a green realtor
and Cohousing Coaches Raines Cohen and Betsy Morris, and open-space
format group discussion of options for cooperation (Central San

- Explore established East Bay Cohousing neighborhoods - by bicycle.
Temescal Creek Cohousing co-founder Karen Hester leads this flat,
easy-for-anyone journey through Berkeley, Emeryville, and Oakland,
visiting several communities (North Oakland/Temescal)

SUNDAY 9/20:
- Strawberry Creek Lodge hosts a conversation about Aging In Community
with Audacious Aging contributor Raines Cohen. Discussion topics will
include Senior Cohousing and "Beacon Hill" Village models, as well as
the community that naturally forms among longtime residents of this
affordable independent-living institution (West Berkeley)

MONDAY 9/21:
- "Story of Stuff" animated conservation web video producer Annie
Leonard (who lives in an informal cohousing-style retrofit
neighborhood in Berkeley) speaks at the Commonwealth Club (Downtown
San Francisco)

- The Age of Stupid movie about sustainable living premiere. Join East
Bay Cohousers in a field trip to see the new four-year epic from
McLibel director Franny Armstrong. Oscar-nominated Pete Postlethwaite
stars as a man living alone in the devastated world of 2055, looking
at old footage from 2008 and asking: why didn’t we stop climate change
when we had the chance? (Downtown San Francisco)

- Fellowship for Intentional Community executive secretary Laird
Schaub brown-bag lunch at a coworking space (Downtown SF)

- Sustainable Business Alliance Green Book Fair features Cohousing
book distributor New Village Press (based at Temescal Commons
Cohousing), The Sharing Solution (book about shared work and shared
living options including cohousing) local author Janelle Orsi, and
Audacious Aging contributor Raines Cohen, among others

- Fellowship for Intentional Community executive secretary Laird
Schaub brown-bag lunch at the Brower Center (Downtown Berkeley)

- East Bay Cohousing and area community land trusts participate in a
Festival of Grassroots Economics, sharing community housing
development and affordability strategies (Oakland Uptown)

Locations, times, pricing, advance notice, and RSVP options for all
these fun community-building and educational activities can be found
in the world's largest intentional communities MeetUp group, now with
more than 900 members:

East Bay Cohousing

 now part of The Hub Bay Area social-change coworking community at The
Brower Center, the new ultra-green building in Downtown Berkeley

I look forward to seeing some of you at some of these fun events.

Coming next month (tentative, subject to change):
- Climate Change Action Group lunch series (Berkeley)
- Chuck Durrett on Senior Cohousing, with an aging-friendly group with
a site (Mountain View)
- Organizing meetings for new "shovel-ready" cohousing site (Pacifica)
- Cohousing talk at Sierra Club Green Fridays (Berkeley)
- EcoVillage Explorations (San Mateo)
- Potential upper Fruitvale affordable land-trust cooperative
cohousing community formation (Oakland)
- Meet The Community Candidate: cohousers running for elected office
- Communal Grapevine potluck sharing collective houses best practices (Oakland)
- An exploration of mini-cohousing retrofit potential site field trip (Alameda)
- Exploratory meetings for new Downtown Berkeley potential cohousing site
- Exploratory meetings for potential Downtown Oakland sites
- West Coast Green conference (SF)
- Bioneers conference (Marin)
- We Live In Public documentary about a different kind of community (SF)
- David Korten (from Winslow Cohousing) speaking on Spiritual
Awakening (Berkeley)
- Cohousing Bus Tour (Oakland)
- Shelter In a Time of Storms: Building a National Movement for
Housing Justice (Oakland)

Raines Cohen, Cohousing Coach http://www.CohousingCoach.com/
 at Berkeley (CA) Cohousing, where we hosted nearly 200 people for a
wedding of two members last week - the whole community chipped in to
make it a blast for all

 Just back from Massachusetts, where I celebrated special occasions
with family, recharged by the shore, and got to visit a former Swan's
Market Cohousing neighbor in Cambridge and a forming group with
visions for a walkable small-town downtown green community in bucolic

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