research on cohousing?
From: Elizabeth Markle (
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2009 05:49:13 -0700 (PDT)

My name is Liz Markle, and I'm writing to see if anyone is familiar with 
research being done on the psychological/community related aspects of cohousing!

I'm a doctoral student at Northeastern University (in psychology,) and a 
longtime fan of co-ops and co-housing, and am interested in doing research on 
the psychological benefits of living in community.  I believe that people (and 
families!) are happier and saner when supported in community, and would like to 
find a way to study this. 

However, I'm having a tough time finding out what has already been done/is 
being done, and who's working on it!  I'm reaching out to anyone who might have 
thoughts or be able to point me in the right directions. 

Who is doing research on the psychological/social aspects of cohousing?  

Have an idea of what should be studied, or how to do it? I'm all ears! 

Please feel free to respond to me privately at markle.e [at]  or 
lindy60696 [at] Many thanks for your time and consideration!!

- Liz Markle
Northeastern University
Boston, MA

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