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    I am responding to the inquiry re: research on cohousing from Liz Markle
of Northeastern University.   The Board of Directors of the Cohousing
Association of the United States is very interested in seeing further
research on cohousing.  Interestingly, four of the six Board members (all
volunteers) have Ph.D.'s, all in the social sciences, I  believe.  Ann
Zabaldo has mentioned Lisa Poley's dissertation (Lisa is on our Board),
which is the closest research I know to the subject Ms. Markle is interested
in.  There is also Graham Meltzer's book focusing on sustainability in the
sixteen or so cohousing communities he studied.

    The Board is slowly working on a survey of the 116 existing cohousing
communities because we want to know more about cohousing communities, both
to be able to advocate better for the cohousing movement and to be able to
assist and address current problem areas cohousing communities may be
experiencing.  This survey will certainly not be comprehensive; and when the
draft is completed and how it is administered remains to be seen --  it is
usually difficult to obtain a high response rate on surveys.

    Liz, feel free to contact me via davidentin [at]  We do want to
encourage your research and would like to be informed of your results.

    David Entin, Rocky Hill Cohousing, Northampton, MA and board member,

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