Re: data on the benefits of cooking together
From: Seanain Snow (
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 12:14:49 -0700 (PDT)
Thanks, Sharon. I really enjoyed these snapshots of your grandmother.


Sharon Villines wrote:
And the presence of a matriarch. The one thing I wished for most in the weeks after we moved in was my grandmother. She would have been in the kitchen cooking and keeping an eye out on everything that happened in the CH and elsewhere. And shape people up real fast.

"No Chicken Cacciatore for anyone until the laundry room floor is scrubbed waxed."

"Now young man, you just go right back outside and take that mud and dirt right off your shoes and don't slam the door doing it or my cake will fall. (The young man would be about 35)."

"If you are going to deliver packages here missy, you can't bring in a hand truck that scratches the floor. We paid good money for that floor and it has to last 40 years. I put some pie out for you right on that ledge -- save some for postman. He's late today. He's late most days. I don't know what the world's coming to. If you don't like apple pie just speak up and I'll look around and see what I can dig up. People are so "piticular" these days."

"Billy, it's your turn to take cookies out to the "chillen" and I want to see all those cookies still on that plate when you get to the playground. I can see through the window so don't think you can fool me."

At the end of any one of these orders, she would tip her head back and smile because people always minded and the world was always in order. And she was half joking.

We had great meals that everyone helped with beginning at age 5 setting the table. Anyone within in shouting distance was welcome. ("Except that Eddie person who doesn't take his hat off in the house. Don't you even look his way." Sigh. No smile.)


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