Lancaster Cohousing Update - video, art installation and more...
From: Kathy Bashford (
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 08:55:13 -0700 (PDT)
Dear all

*Lancaster** Cohousing Update*


We are busy with our site design process with the architects, and there’s
lots more going on…..

*Technological News*

We now have a video on youtube!

or you can see it on our website.

Also for those of you that use the Facebook
<>social networking site, there is now a
of Lancaster 
group where you can keep up with the latest developments at the Halton site,
ask questions on our Wall, start a discussion topic, all the usual Web 2.0
stuff.  This is for absolutely anyone who’s interested in what we’re doing,
not just for those considering a permanent move here.  Details of upcoming
events such as site tours, cohousing stalls at exhibitions, informal
brunches at the Whale Tail Café in Lancaster, etc. will also be posted here
so that all members of the group are alerted to them.

*Managed Workspace*

We will be providing serviced workspace for local businesses and
organisations in the existing mill building.  The offices, studios and
workshops will benefit from flexible terms, local management and shared
facilities.  The Commercial group are interested in hearing from anyone who
might be interested in this.

*This Weekend*

There is a brunch this Sunday (25th October) at the Whale Tail as usual, at
11am followed by a site tour at 1.30pm.

This tour coincides with a once-only chance to view an art installation
(1.30 - 3 pm) inside the mill building.  It was created by Kate (one of our
members) using recycled materials and is her way of thinking about our group
transition from normal society to something else.  The showing is likely to
be a social event with many members attending (and snackaroos!).

Last but not least look out for us on the front page of the money section of
this Saturdays Guardian!

*More details*

See or contact us at
info [at]

Best wishes, Kathy

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