Re: co-farming in Pacific NW?
From: Lise (
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2009 14:19:07 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Kay!

I don't get to post in this forum very much, even tho I read the digests
almost daily.

I know exactly what you mean by what you were describing. I am not aware of
a community like that already established here in this area tho (I am in the
Portland area of the Pacific NW). My boyfriend and I have plans to get
together with another family (husband, wife & their two small kids) to
establish something like that on our own in the Tacoma/Seattle area mid next
year tho. But, since our families are so close, we were planning to all live
under the same roof (in a large 5 bedroom house) until we buy the property
and each can build its own small "shotgun shack" (already have plans drawn
up, pricing done, etc), sp each still maintains some privacy.

My boyfriend and his buddy are looking to start a BBQ restaurant and his
wife is my business partner for Celtic Cat Shop. Both families are pitching
in raising the kids, my boyfriend and I are helping to home-school them,
making it kind of like a "village" raising the kids. (the b/f and I don't
have & don't plan to have kids.)

We are looking to farm jointly on a large piece of land, raise pigs, sheep,
goats & chickens. Hoping to trade with other farmers for beef or other meats
for the restaurant. Ideally, we are looking to go completely 'off-grid'
within 5 yrs, by slowly easing into it.

If there is anyone else in this area interested in something like this, like
us, we would love to connect with you. Even if it is just to bounce ideas
off each other's groups. Please feel free to email directly.

Lise Beals
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