Re: ays to receive meeting feedback at close?
From: Emily Pittman (
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2009 05:12:21 -0700 (PDT)
> Arielle,
One method is to ask for Plus/Delta's.  Plus' are things people thought went
well or they appreciated.  Deltas are things they would change. This
includes what was not done, could be done more of or less of, etc.  I do
this in meetings and 5 minutes is almost always enough. I draw a line down
the middle  of the page and write a Plus sign on one side and a triangle
(the Greek letter Delta) on the other.
>From Kailash Ecovillage where we did a big de-paving project in preparation
for more planting next spring.

Subject: [C-L]_ ways to receive meeting feedback at close?
> Hi, all--
> New member here: Arielle, new Equity member with the forming Belfast
> Cohousing & Ecovillage in Maine (and we're on a roll!).  I'm very excited to
> learn from all of you and join you in this journey.
> For now, though, a relatively straightforward question: Can anyone suggest
> successful ways to receive quick feedback at the end of a business (general
> or Equity, in our case) meeting?  We normally only have 5-15 mins for this
> bit, and have been doing "round robin" quick soundbyte feedback, but we've
> found that this mostly garners "great job!, nice meeting!" etc.  I'm
> co-facilitating for the first time in a couple weeks and would like to try
> something new.  Something that both gets honest response AND ends the
> meeting on a soulful note, ideally.
> Thanks!
> Arielle
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