Re: Opportunity for a below-market home in Oak Creek Commons
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Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009 10:57:46 -0800 (PST)
I would like to add to Marcia's comments. I am the next door neighbor in the 
same building of
the property for sale.

The company that bought the unit is doing some substantial fixing up. They have 
painted, put in
new carpeting, and are fully landscaping the back yard. They have priced the 
unit to sell very
quickly. It's a real bargain.

For those that might not know, Paso Robles is in Central California, roughly 
midway between Los
Angeles and San Francisco, about 1/2 hour to the ocean. The town is about 
25,000 people,
historically agriculture based, but now also a tourist destination due to the 
fine wines here
(175 wineries). Weather is sunny and dry most of the time. It's a great place 
to live.

Larry Miller

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Dear Folks,

It happened that the owner of one of our units was never able to move 
in, due to illness.  For a time, she rented it out to a wonderful 
family, but then finally decided that she had to let the unit 
foreclose, and the family moved on.  The home was recently auctioned 
off and bought by a couple of realtors who simply want to flip it as 
soon as possible.

Needless to say, we'd much prefer that it go to a buyer interested in 
cohousing!  The unit is three bedrooms, two baths, plus a large 
finished loft, about 1400 square feet.  It has an extra-large yard. 
Our homes are townhouse style, but with only two or three units to a 
building.  This is an end unit and so gets light from three sides. 
It has pretty views of hills, is across from our swimming pool and is 
next to our budding orchard.

We understand that they will sell the house for under $250,000, while 
market rates are closer to $300,000.  (The original sale price was 
around $400,000 in 2004.)  In fact, another unit of the same design 
is for sale at a higher price, and is shown with photos on our 
website,   The buyers are hoping to sell the 
unit fast and directly--in the next couple of weeks.  If they can't 
sell it that way, then they will put it into the Multiple Listing 
Service, which of course means sales fees, and they will charge 
substantially more for it.

Please contact the new owners, not me, about the property, though I'd 
be happy to respond to questions about OCC.  The owner name is SLO 
County Properties, at 805-471-3452.

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