Re: ways to receive meeting feedback at close?
From: Tree Bressen (
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 00:49:34 -0800 (PST)

While i have not been regularly subscribed to this list in quite some time, i do try to skim the archives occasionally. So here is a tardy response to the query below.

In addition to the plus/delta charts that others suggested, you could also try:

1. When asking for feedback, tell people that the feedback will be more helpful if it's specific. Then when someone says something too general, such as, "The meeting was fun," ask them a follow-up question such as, "What was fun about it for you?"

2. Make a pie chart on the flipchart with 3 sections: More of, Less of, and About the same. Then when people call out their feedback, write it onto the appropriate section. Note that both this and the plus/delta chart are normally done brainstorm-style (shout out, no hands raised) rather than go-round. So 5-8 minutes is plenty, i've never seen it go 15 min. in that way.


Can anyone suggest
successful ways to receive quick feedback at the end of a business (general or
Equity, in our case) meeting?  We normally only have 5-15 mins for this bit,
and have been doing "round robin" quick soundbyte feedback, but we've found
that this mostly garners "great job!, nice meeting!" etc.  I'm co-facilitating
for the first time in a couple weeks and would like to try something new.
Something that both gets honest response AND ends the meeting on a soulful
note, ideally.




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