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Thanks for your help with this project! My name is Susan Dominus, and
I last wrote about cohousing for the New York Times, about the efforts
of a Brooklyn community to get a cohousing project going in the midst
of the credit crunch and real estate collapse. I greatly admired their
work and think that comes through in the story.

I thought again of cohousing when More magazine, a magazine for women
over 40, asked me to write a story for them about women who are
single, over 40 and love their lives. I like the idea of writing about
a woman who is happily single and over 40 and living in a cohousing
community, because I think it's very of the moment; it also gets at
the ways that women can build their own communities and families in
more innovative ways today than they have ever been able. As much as
the world has changed, going it alone, or mostly alone, is still the
road less traveled, and women could use as many models as there are
out there.

I have already interviewed one woman who has children, and since it's
not so much a story about single moms as it is about single women, in
general, ideally the person I interview will not have children. She
could be in a relationship, open to true love, or even divorced some
time ago, but probably should be living alone for the purposes of the

I'd love to hear from women who fit this description, and I think
readers would love to encounter them. I can be reached at 347 262 8827
or at this email: susandominus [at] The sooner the better, as
I'm on deadline with the story.

Thank you!
Susan Dominus

All best,
Susan Dominus

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