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Dear interested cohousers,

We are sending you a flyer for a cohousing presentation in Stillwater,
Oklahoma and a weekend Get-It-Built Workshop for a seniors cohousing
project underway there. These events will happen December 4th - 6th. The
distribution is nationwide because we think this is such a unique
possibility for an affordable senior cohousing community. Please forward
the flyers to friends and family everywhere - but especially in Oklahoma
(Everyone knows someone in Oklahoma).

Here are a few of the reasons why Stillwater Cohousing offers a fantastic

* Stillwater, OK is a lovely college town of 50,000 people within a
  one-hour drive of Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

* Stillwater may soon receive status as a national Retirement City for its
  affordable housing options and other quality of life issues for seniors.
  It has been named "one of the top ten best places to retire."

* Units will be affordable.

* Choosing to move to a cohousing project is about choosing your social
  environment - geography becomes less important. In my experience,
  Oklahoma has some of the warmest, most wonderful people anywhere. A
  local magazine named Stillwater the "Friendliest City in Oklahoma."

* The folks in Stillwater have just put an option on a fabulously
  beautiful site in northeast Stillwater.

According to recent data, one million American (mostly retired folks) are
leaving the U.S. every year in search of an affordable retirement
community. Why not Oklahoma instead?

Good citizens shouldn't be abandoning our country just when it needs us
most. Here is your chance to come live with a great group of people! For
more information see the group's website at:

Charles Durrett, AIA
McCamant Durrett Architects
The Cohousing Company
Author, The Senior Cohousing Handbook: A Community Approach to
Independent Living

McCamant Durrett Architect
241-B Commercial Street
Nevada City, CA  95959

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