Get out the Cohousing Vote!
From: Grace Kim (
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 10:26:47 -0800 (PST)
I posted the following suggestion on the HUD website:


Provide funding for affordable community oriented housing (cohousing) 

Residents of affordable housing are often isolated from family and
support systems. A cohousing community can help residents of all income
and generational levels live independently (in their own fully equipped
homes) but with the daily support from a network of people that care
about each other. Shared resources (computers, cars, laundry) and shared
domestic work (cooking, childcare) can help all families stretch their
dollars and find the resources to get back on their feet.


Coho/US is trying to gain audience with HUD to encourage cohousing as an
alternative housing model for all families, including low income
families.  The wording of my suggestion may not be perfect, but the
intent is to get HUD to stop and think outside of their conventional box
and consider cohousing, even for just one moment.  HUD staff are
reviewing the suggestions daily and I've already planted the seed with
Deputy Secretary Ron Sims at a recent housing conference.


I would highly encourage you and your community members to follow this
link and vote for this idea (or propose one you like better - but
remember strength is in numbers and its about the concept not the
specific solution) - this is one way to get some traction at HUD.
Cohousers may be small in numbers compared to the rest of the US, but if
we vote with our numbers, then we have a chance to be heard.  This would
be a great way to gain audience with the HUD secretary and staff.  The
HUD staff will be looking at this public "vote" as they develop their


Thanks for your time and consideration!



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