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Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2009 11:12:22 -0800 (PST)
 Hi All, It's a good thing that some sort of health care  bill is moving 
forward, because my family sure needs it.
Could this be a case of apples and oranges?
Let me suggest that trying to make progress on understanding "consensus", or 
the type of "full consensus" process I like, by putting it in the same 
horserace as congressional process will keep you busy for ever. The nature of 
majority "power over", and the deal making that makes it go is anathema to the 
type of consensus process I love to see, (and have seen),  happen in group 
work. Most fragile to maintain, too. Best and Happy Holidays, David



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Hi Kay,

    Actually, "concessions" are indeed part of gaining consensus.  I 
know we've settled a number of difficult consensus decisions by making 
concessions to one or more of the dissident households.

    Even with concessions, however, it's still an amazing 
accomplishment that the Senate Democrats were able to carry out, and I'd 
still like to know how they were able to do it!

(David Heimann, JP Cohousing)

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How did they do it?

I think it's called "concessions" - like the senator from ND who got a big
tax break for his constituents written into the bill in exchange for his
vote (while the other 49 states pay their share). I'm not sure this is going
to work for cohousing.

Bartimaeus Cohousing

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Hello Everyone,

             Congratulations to the Senate Democrats!  Just think of the some
of the controversial issues cohousers have to deal with.  We have more than
enough difficulty getting some 12 (small) to 40 (large) households to
consensus, where we have far more basic agreement to start with than did the
Senate Democrats.  They needed to get 60 people to consensus on a set of far
more controversial issues than we've ever had to face.  Someone needs to
write up their story for inspiration to cohousing groups everywhere!

Bemusing on "how in the world did they do it",

"I Make Numbers Talk"*
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