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Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2010 12:14:04 -0800 (PST)

Thanks. Interesting. I was just visiting friends in Pacific Grove, California and a cousin in Napa. I live south of Gainesville Florida 11 1/2 acres (cows all grass fed, organic, poultry) but want to move into rural co-housing, as I enjoy rural life, animals, gardening, sharing resources and common interests etc.

I find the concept of co-housing interesting, myriad ideas on this list reflecting such a variety of experiences with insights etc.

What is the name of your co-housing, I wonder if my friend may know of you?


In the initial stages of forming cohousing for 7 or so families or
households. Located in Monterey County on California's Central Coast.
This agricultural community is 45 minutes from San Jose, 35 minutes
from Monterey, 30 minutes from Santa Cruz, and 20 minutes from
Salinas. While several cohousing developments exist in nearby Santa
Cruz County, none is rural. None seems focused on diversity with an
agricultural slant.

We definitely want animals, such as sheep and chickens, around. The
land has been organic since 1985, but is not certified. The climate is
perfect for crops year-round. The property is a south-facing slope
perfect for permaculture. The soil has been enriched with compost for
seven years in ever-widening circles. I'm a Fukuoka fan.

This is a multicultural rural area, with Spanish-speaking neighbors.
Although we want the best internet connections, currently there is no
DSL. (Satellite is an option, however, as is dial up.)

After putting my work career on pause, I began studying Horticulture.

We encourage others interested in a rural cohousing situation to keep
in contact for ongoing discussions covering the why, the how and more.
Currently, we have more questions than answers.  :  )

seaseal [at]

Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.

     ~Chinese proverb

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