Rural Cohousing
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I am very much a city girl, having grown up in the most densely
populated town (Hoboken, NJ) of the most densely populated county in
the U.S. (Hudson County, NJ), which is across the river from
Manhattan (NY, not Kansas). I currently live at Takoma Village in
Washington, DC (made famous by Sharon Villines and Ann Zabaldo.)
Because there are many single family homes and trees, this
neighborhood feels suburban to me, although it has metro station, a
drug dealing corner, and a few shops within 2 blocks of here, and we
are within the boundaries of the city. I have been to about 25 or 30
cohousing communities and the vast majority seem to be in areas that
were recently rural but have become suburban in the past 10-15 years.
So, are they rural or suburban? As Sharon noted, it's all in the


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