Re: Reminder: Call for Articles, Communities #147: Education for Sustainability
From: Craig Ragland (
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2010 06:01:59 -0800 (PST)
Hi Chris,

Is it too late for article proposals on this? It occurs to me that
Coho/US could almost certainly drive a writer/article for the Summer
issue on this topic (that you'd receive by Feb 15)


On Sun, Dec 20, 2009 at 6:24 PM, Communities Editor <editor [at]> wrote:
> Hello,
> This is just a reminder that we continue to welcome article proposals
> for our Summer 2010 issue. If you've been procrastinating about sending
> in an idea, think what would happen if Santa procrastinated (it's
> certainly difficult enough for him even /without/ so much as a
> split-second-delay between sleigh stops). We also welcome letters to the
> editor about anything in /Communities/ that may have rubbed you the
> wrong way, or the right way, or stimulated some other thought that you
> want to share--or even about the current or upcoming theme (we still
> have room for "Family" letters, and certainly for "Education for
> Sustainability" letters).
> Thanks to those who've already responded,
> Happy holidays,
> Chris
> ---
> /Communities/ magazine is now seeking articles for issue #147,
> “*Education for Sustainability*.” The issue will be out in June 2010.
> Please send your article idea to editor [at] by *Monday, December 28,
> 2009*, or sooner if possible.
> Your final article must reach us by *Monday, February 15, 2010*.
> 1. Theme articles: /*Education for Sustainability*/
>    /possible questions to address (feel free to pick and choose or
>    innovate):/
>    * As background info., please let us know if your group has a
>      mission related to sustainability, and how you define it. Do you
>      educate others about sustainable living? If so, how? Do you hold
>      courses on permaculture, organic gardening, or natural building?
>      Teach about sustainable economics or culture? Focus on simple
>      living, land stewardship, and ecology? Host interns or
>      apprentices? Offer workshops, give tours of your site, or share
>      information at outside events? Do you use the internet or other
>      media as part of your educational activities?
>    * What challenges have you faced in educating others about
>      sustainability, or in achieving sustainability yourselves?
>    * How do sustainability educational programs and activities impact
>      your functioning as a group? How do they affect relationships
>      within your community? How do they affect you personally? How do
>      they affect your relationship with the wider culture?
>    * Do you experience trade-offs between an outside mission of serving
>      the world and your ability to maintain connection and well-being
>      within your group? Are your sustainability-education activities
>      sustainable for your community and its members?
>    * Which have you found more effective: structured educational
>      programs, or less formal ways of teaching and learning? A
>      relatively academic or a more experiential educational approach?
>      Who is best served by each kind of program?
>    * Do you aim to educate many people in relatively more superficial
>      ways (through, for example, a website or short videos), or fewer
>      people in more depth (through, for example, extended internships)?
>      Which approach is more satisfactory?
>    * How much do people learn about the nuts and bolts of physical
>      sustainability from you, and how much about the human dimensions
>      of sustainability and community living? Is it possible for them to
>      learn both? Do they arrive expecting to learn mostly about nuts
>      and bolts, and discover that their greatest lessons are in
>      community? Or vice versa?
>    * Does your group charge money, or offer education for free? Is it
>      challenging to set appropriate prices? Do you experience a tension
>      between fulfilling your mission and earning a living wage?
>    * What have you personally learned about sustainability in a
>      community or cooperative setting? Have you participated in formal
>      educational programs, or learned informally from cooperative groups?
>    * What lessons can people in the wider culture draw from cooperative
>      groups and their educational efforts in this area? How will we
>      achieve sustainability on a larger scale?
> [Please forward this email to anyone you think has a good story on this
> theme for /Communities/.]
> 2. We are also seeking articles about:
>    * Creating community in your neighborhood;
>    * Starting a new community;
>    * Process and communication issues in community; and
>    * Seeking community to join.
> Suggested submission length is from 300 to 2500 words. We invite
> submissions ranging from short vignettes to extensively-developed
> articles, and also invite suggestions of recommended resources and
> article leads. We’re seeking articles written in a reader-friendly,
> popular-magazine style, rather than in an academic style. We ask
> contributors to share stories and experiences, not just ideas; write
> about challenges, not just successes; and describe specific situations
> that will help your story come alive for the reader. Before you start
> writing, please check or contact us
> for our full Writers’ Guidelines--and let us know your article idea so
> that we can give feedback on how it may fit into /Communities/. Contact
> Chris Roth at editor [at] or 541-937-2567 ext. 116.
> If you don’t want to write an article but want to submit photos, please
> check or contact Yulia Zarubina at
> layout [at] for our Photo Guidelines.
> *I. What **“**Submitting an Article**”** Means.* We will promise to read
> your article, but we may respectfully decline it and not publish it, or
> save it and publish it in a future issue. We also reserve the right to
> edit, shorten, or revise your article. Most of the time we contact
> authors about this ahead of time and get their comments, corrections, etc.
> *II. Getting Permission Ahead of Time.* Please send the article only
> when you have permission from anyone you need it from, such as fellow
> community members. We endeavor to present a diversity of views on
> community, including controversial or critical views, yet we hope to do
> so in a respectful and cooperative manner and prevent antagonistic
> back-and-forth dialog in our letters-to-the-editor section. If the
> article may provoke controversy or strong reactions, please share your
> draft with group members to get their input before sending it to us.
> (Please see our Writers' Guidelines for additional details.)
> *III. Publication Rights.* Once your article appears in /Communities/,
> we own first North American Publishing Rights. This means your article
> appears in /Communities/ the first time it appears in North America. In
> addition to appearing in /Communities/, your article may also appear on
> our website or in future compilations. You retain all other rights to
> it. If you’d like to use it elsewhere, you can, and we would appreciate
> your using an attribution line saying, “This article first appeared in
> /Communities: Life in Cooperative Culture/, (date); for further
> information on /Communities/: <>.”
> *IV. Photos.* If we publish your article, we want to accompany it with
> compelling images that illustrate your subject. You know your subject
> best, so we are appealing to you for images. If others in your community
> or group like taking pictures, they might already have great images to
> go with your article. If you would like to submit an article but cannot
> supply photos, that’s fine; however, please give us plenty of advance
> notice so that if we use your article we can get an illustrator. Please
> check or email us for our full
> Photo Guidelines. We also appreciate an author photo to accompany your
> short (several-line) author bio.
> Thanks for your contributions!
> Chris Roth
> Editor, /Communities/
> editor [at]
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