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Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 07:32:33 -0800 (PST)
Yes, at Tierra Nueva (cen. CA coast) we have experienced the selling of both
carports and garages to residents who do not have one (each home comes with
two parking upon the sale of either a garage or carport by
homeowner A, the uncovered parking space of the buyer, Homeowner B, is
traded over Homeowner A.  Sounds complicated, but listen to this:  the land
underneath the garages and carports is technically owned by the HOA,
residents really only "own" the sticks and mortar of the structures.  The
HOA also pays the electric bills for each garage and carport.  Still,
individuals pay property taxes on each garage and/or carport owned, and it
is considered private property.   Usually the garages/carports are included
in the sale of the homes, but sometimes they are sold independently.  These
sales are handled just like a real estate transaction, recorded with the


On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 4:11 AM, Brian Tremback <brian.tremback [at]>wrote:

> I'm a resident of Burlington Cohousing in Vermont. We completed
> construction
> of all 31 of our new homes about 2 years ago. The construction did not
> include carports, though they were part of the original plan. Subsequently,
> twelve owners used private funds to construct 12 of the 30 planned carports
> in the space allotted for them. Although there are no immediate plans to
> build more, we anticipate future construction of additional carports,
> financed by other residents.
>  We're looking for legal models for dealing with carports. We would like to
> preserve each person's investment in the structure. For example, if someone
> no longer needs a carport, they could recover their investment if they
> transferred the carport to another resident. Does anyone have any
> experience
> with this issue?
> Brian Tremback
> Burlington Cohousing
> Burlington, VT
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