Re: Carports in cohousing
From: Mac Thomson (
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 08:28:41 -0800 (PST)
We have privately owned carports which are bought and sold amongst neighbors 
and to new homebuyers.  Owners have a legal title to their carport separate 
from their home title.  The carports are built on individual private lots which 
were platted in the very beginning.  Without individually platted carport lots, 
I'm not sure if you could create clear title to the structures.  Maybe you 
could; I just don't know.


Mac Thomson

Heartwood Cohousing
Southwest Colorado

"To create community we need to love each other, trust each other, and help 
each other; that is hard."
                         -Wendell Berry

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> I'm a resident of Burlington Cohousing in Vermont. We completed construction
> of all 31 of our new homes about 2 years ago. The construction did not
> include carports, though they were part of the original plan. Subsequently,
> twelve owners used private funds to construct 12 of the 30 planned carports
> in the space allotted for them. Although there are no immediate plans to
> build more, we anticipate future construction of additional carports,
> financed by other residents.
> We're looking for legal models for dealing with carports. We would like to
> preserve each person's investment in the structure. For example, if someone
> no longer needs a carport, they could recover their investment if they
> transferred the carport to another resident. Does anyone have any experience
> with this issue?
> Brian Tremback
> Burlington Cohousing
> Burlington, VT

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