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Here at FrogSong, we have 3-4 meals per week, with attendance ranging from
25 - 45. Big events, like Thanksgiving, bring out as many as 65-75!

A team of three plans, shops, cooks, cleans. EVERY ADULT IS EXPECTED TO COOK
ONCE A MONTH. Regardless of how much you eat.

We set that expectation looooong before move in, and it is the one
commitment that has the highest compliance rate! Once in awhile someone
misses a month, but overall, just about everybody takes part. The older kids
are starting to sign up now!

We see eating together as essential community "glue."

Our sign up system is online, and the programming was done by a 15-year-old
resident.  Costs vary, average around $3-4/person. You pay for what you eat.
The online system calculates your account - when you shop you enter the
amount you spent, and it calculates what you owe for what you ate and gives
you a balance.

Eris Weaver, Facilitator & Group Process Consultant
eris [at]

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